Product Design

Every System Blue instrument is designed from the ground up. All of our designers have extensive performance experience. Today they are teachers, designers, band directors and composers. The combined experience and knowledge of our System Blue design team has allowed us to provide the marching world with the highest quality and innovative products.

It is not enough to create durable instruments that sound and look great. We have made it our mission to ensure our instruments are balanced, light weight, and have the capabilities to be the most in tune product on the market.

We review every design detail until we have achieved perfection. We test and retest every instrument. We make sure that our System Blue products are durable, project and blend and are ergonomically correct for the performer on the marching field, indoor arena, parade route, horn arc and in the lot.

Our System Blue team is involved in every aspect. This is our collective passion and dream to create the right products for the world of pageantry. We have a collaborative environment, where everyone has a voice and contributes to the innovative designs. That collaborative voice includes you. We are listening. Together, we believe in our continued growth.

Quality is of the utmost importance to us. We will not allow a product to hit any field or arena without our guarantee that it will stand the test of time and achieve the sound you have been looking for. Our constant attention to detail and product innovation is what allows System Blue this guarantee.

All System Blue trademarks and patents are owned by BD Performing Arts.

Warranty / Repairs

System Blue understands that this is a rigorous activity. There will be marching mishaps along the way. We stock a full line of parts at our facility. We work with our local dealers and ensure they have an adequate supply of parts on hand. System Blue promises to be there for every band director and performer. We believe in our products and stand by them 100%.

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When you make an important decision to purchase our product and become part of the System Blue family, we will always be there by your side. Perhaps you would like a member of our team to be present as you experience your System Blue instruments for the first time. We have the ability to offer that level of service and commitment.

Once you become part of the System Blue family, we will support you and your group at every level. We will be there for any questions you might have, supporting you socially, and following your journey.

Your journey is our journey.

Education is our passion. Excellence is in our DNA. System Blue has resources for every aspect of your program - from designing, to teaching, to leading and organizing. When you purchase a product, you get access to the very best professionals in the world. We understand your needs, because we have cleared the very same hurdles you are navigating now.

We can help create System Blue clinics and camp opportunities in your community. Whether they are at the local store level, your middle school, high school, college, drum corps, or indoor group, we are here for you. Together, we grow.

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Commitment to Our System Blue Family

We understand how important the marching world is to you, because it is just as important to us. We share your passion and dedication, because they are our same passions. We started System Blue for all of us, because it was time to bring the right system of excellence to the marching world. You are family. We are COMMITTED to making your System Blue experience a remarkable one.

Together, it is our time.