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Rick Valenzuela joins System Blue as Vice President of Education and Special Projects

Rick Valenzuela joins System Blue as Vice President of Education and Special Projects

Concord, CA – October 29, 2019 – Rick Valenzuela joins System Blue as Vice President of Education and Special Projects.

System Blue, a producer of innovative musical and educational products, is pleased to announce that Rick Valenzuela will be joining their team as Vice President of Education and Special Projects.

Valenzuela, who brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the world of pageantry, has served as Executive Director of the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps since 2007. He has also been active in the leadership of Drum Corps International where he has served on the Membership Affairs Committee, the Governance Committee, and is currently the Voting Membership Chairperson. Valenzuela will be joining System Blue in January of 2020. 

As Phantom Regiment’s Executive Director, Valenzuela led the corps to a World Championship in 2008 and now leaves them in great standing for a bright future ahead. Rick is no stranger to excellence, a keen business acumen, and innovation. His remarkable skill sets will be a great fit with the System Blue brand.  

In this new role at System Blue, Valenzuela will be working closely with Frank Troyka, System Blue’s Director of Education to build new educational programs and experiences for the marching arts. “I am thrilled with the opportunity to be working with Rick,” said Troyka, “The world of pageantry grows quickly with new demands on performers and educators alike. Bringing Rick on board allows us, at System Blue, to expand our offerings and create remarkable educational experiences for every aspect of the activity. I look forward to collaborating with him.” 

Shaun Gallant, President of System Blue said, “We’re excited to have Rick on board. His depth of experience, knowledge, and ability to connect the dots between performers and educators will be a wonderful addition to our System Blue family as we continue to strive for excellence in all of our products and services, most especially in our work with students.”

System Blue’s educational programs foster confidence and maturity, and promote growth and leadership skills. The brand is passionately focused on the marching arts and each person’s place in its culture. The addition of Rick Valenzuela to the System Blue family is another step in building an incredible team of professionals to service the world of pageantry. 

The Blue Devils Announce Their 2019 Production – Ghostlight

The Blue Devils Present Their 2019 Production – Ghostlight

“A bare bulb atop a rudimentary pole, it stands at center stage, lit by the last person to leave the theatre each night and extinguished by the first person to arrive in the morning. Though stark in stature and artless in form, the ghost light fulfills many functions…some practical, some supernatural.”

– Jim Dougherty

Some people maintain that the function of the lone stage light is to chase away mischievous spirits; others insist it illuminates the space for the spirits that are said to inhabit virtually every theatre, keeping them happy and contented. Without a doubt, the paranormal dance of the empty theatre is mysterious, magical and rich in folklore.

The 2019 Blue Devils take a look into the mesmerizing illuminant with Ghostlight. Musically diverse, globally nomadic references weave together a world of emotion and drama. From Khachaturian to Lorne Balfe to original work by Dave Glyde, Ghostlight is an exploration of mood, melody, and virtuosity.

Ghostlight shines a light on 154 extraordinary performers as the Blue Devils travel the United States for a summer of music, motion and imagination. With a rich history of excellence and innovation, Drum Corps International’s most honored drum corps celebrates one hundred yards of discovery. On a stage where anything is possible, Ghostlight reveals the traveling performance troupe of contemporary drum and bugle corps we all treasure.

Music inspired by:

“Cycle Song”
Imogen Heap

“Rhythm Song”
Imogen Heap

“A True Passion”
Lorne Balfe

“Stroke of Genius”
Lorne Balfe

“Symphony No. 3”
Aram Khachaturian

Dave Glyde

Britney Spears

Learn more →

From Matthew Shippey – RCC Indoor Percussion and BD Snare Drummer

From Matthew Shippey – RCC Indoor Percussion and BD Snare Drummer –

This past weekend felt so special – just thinking about it 5 years ago I was one of the System Blue, 2014 attendees watching The Blue Devils being inspired to do this activity. Since that event, I have marched every single season I possibly could have and it has been a life changing experience. These System Blue Educational Events inspire the next generation of drummers in the activity. And if I hadn’t gone to that System Blue Event in 2014 I wouldn’t be here doing this activity year round for 5 years straight. It’s honestly a blessing in my life and every single person in this picture has absolutely touched my life in such an amazing way. RCC Indoor Percussion has made my heart so full this weekend. I absolutely love my tiger family with all my heart.

Growing the Marching Arts From Afar and From Within –  BD Alumni Aaron Spevak talks about his Blue Devil Roots and System Blue

Aaron Spevak was born and raised in Chicago, IL and currently resides in Lithuania. Aaron started his European adventure immediately after he aged out of drum corps as a Blue Devil in 2011. His journey began in Austria when he was invited to attend a university there. Soon after, he moved to Belgium to continue his study of marimba for two more years. It was at that time a System Blue Educational Event was being held in Eastern Europe featuring the Blue Devils Drumline. While Aaron did not attend the event in Lithuania, he connected with some of the System Blue students nearly six years later. They continue to talk about that event to this day.Aaron remarks, “That System Blue event made a big impact and remains a big influencer to this day here in Europe.”

A few years later, a fellow alumni invited Aaron to come teach at an educational event in Lithuania. Aaron fell in love with the area, the culture, the cost of living, the opportunity, and most of all the untapped talent. Two weeks out from exams back at his university in Belgium, Aaron decided to forgo graduation and moved to Lithuania instead. With no plan and only an intense passion for teaching and growing the marching arts, Aaron has completed his seventh year of educating in Europe.

“I enjoy every single day, and every day is different,” says Spevak. It’s a huge adventure and things are growing in a great direction.”

Currently, Aaron has his own percussion studio where he teaches the groundwork and the basics of drumming. This studio resides within the American International School of Vilnius and they are extremely supportive of his ideas involving the development of the fine arts. The mutual System Blue Educational experience, internal connections, and the organic growth of programs in Vilnius, Lithuania has resulted in four European students performing in four different world class drum corps in the United States.

“Many of the students who attended that System Blue Event over six years ago are currently my students and still talk about it to this day. We put a lot of emphasis on sending students to the world class corps to audition, as we know, whether they make it or not, that the experience will help them grow by leaps and bounds.”

The Blue Devils have been a family affair for the Spevaks, as Aaron’s younger sister, Marisa also aged out of the drum corps.

“One of the best experiences of my marching career was watching her perform and seeing her win just about every award one can,” says Aaron.

You could say Aaron has had a super healthy career in drum corps. He started in the Colts, then marched with the Cavaliers, moved on to Carolina Crown, and aged out with the Blue Devils. And if that was not enough, he also marched seven seasons of indoor percussion. His sister, following his path also completed one season with the Colts, two seasons with Phantom Regiment, and three seasons with the Blue Devils – aging-out as center marimba of the front ensemble.

“A common question many of us have when aging out of drum corps and indoor is ‘what is next’?” remarks Spevak. “After completing over 180 drum corps shows, I was faced with the question of ‘how can I share this experience?’”

“I received my BDPA emails and became aware of their Special Needs Guard, as well as saw the Free Players at DCI finals. I was touched by the experience that was being created for these performers as well inspired by the organizers of these groups.”

Spevak never envisioned himself organizing a special needs group himself until the day he heard the song This Is Me from The Greatest Showman. The lyrics inspired him as they spoke about marching to the beat of your own drum. His current drumline, Iron Wolf Drum Line, had been searching for the next experience. They wanted to be able to attract more attention in order to the organization. Aaron wondered what could be next for his group. In an effort to add another dimension of creative energy, he soon incorporated the basketball team’s professional dance squad. This enabled him to bring additional excitement to both the performers and the crowds as they built the program.

Recently, Aaron received a call from LKL, which is the equivalent of the NBA in Lithuania. They offered a contract to Iron Wolf Drum Line to perform a half-time show at an all star game. Over 10,000 people would be in attendance and a half million would watch online. Given the magnitude of the opportunity to create a remarkable halftime show, Aaron decided to include special needs performers on this incredible stage. He reached out to local programs and quickly recruited special needs drummers and dancers. Spevak had much support and was able to include state-of-the-art sound and lighting to the performance.

In addition to the overwhelming support from many different partners, Aaron also received some remarkable help from another fellow Blue Devil alumni, Preston Howard. Preston traveled to Lithuania and donated ten days of his time to this incredible cause. He staged the entire performance via 3D animations. This was Preston’s second self-funded trip to the Baltic State of Lithuania.

“He contributes his time and resources with a kind, professional, and highly motivated heart – a common trait of a Blue Devil,” according to Aaron.

Sixteen special needs performers paired up with the drummers and the dancers to pull off an incredible show that wowed the audience. The performance had such a profound impact on all the performers. They are ready to hit the stage again and again. Aaron Spevak and his drumline are awaiting the next opportunity to bring these performers together once more.

“I promised all of them that I would take time out of my schedule to find us another opportunity,” says Aaron.

All of Aaron’s passion and energy are helping to create more awareness and support for the marching arts. His program has inspired a yearly drumline battle which brings groups from all over Europe to compete. Included in the competing drum lines is a group from Central Europe. This program is headed by educator, Samuel Kmotorka, who also attended the System Blue Educational Event over six years ago. Two years into the drumline battle, Samuel’s group, spawned from Slovakia, has won the Gold Medal in Lithuania against some healthy competition.

Aaron is building something special and unique in Europe. He is using his skills and education from drum corps and the Blue Devils to make an impact. Every year there is growth and more performers who aspire to march in a World Class Drum Corps or in an indoor drumline. Special needs musicians and dancers are anxious to perform again. His journey started out as a performer and a Blue Devil age out and now he influences so many aspiring performers all over Europe.

We are proud of the work Aaron is doing and are excited to see what the future holds. We too are inspired by Aaron’s drive and passion and love to see the remarkable work of our Blue Devil age outs.

See the finals performance of Iron Wolf Drumline  →

Check out some rehearsal coverage from Lithuanian television station, BTV →

WGI Solo & Ensemble powered by System Blue

Last week, we promised you an announcement on something you would love!  This summer, WGI Sport of the Arts, the world’s leader in producing indoor marching arts events for color guard, percussion ensembles and winds groups, will launch a new educational performance opportunity for marching arts performers—WGI Solo & Ensemble powered by System Blue.

Positioned in WGI’s typical off-season—and before the start of summer band—WGI Solo & Ensemble offers a venue for performers of all ages to showcase their skills as an individual or small ensemble. Unique in its format, WGI Solo & Ensemble will welcome any and all performers, including those not currently or previously affiliated with a WGI-performing group.

Split between two age classifications and four performance categories, performers will present a short piece in front of a judge to receive personalized, recorded commentary and an overall rating. Although performers/ensembles will be split between two distinct age groups, there will be no age limit in any performance category. Performance categories include Color Guard, Percussion, Winds—Woodwind, and Winds—Brass.

“We are excited to offer an educational performance opportunity beyond WGI’s winter season,” said Ron Nankervis, WGI Executive Director. “In opening up the competition to all performers, WGI Solo & Ensemble powered by System Blue is staged to critique a dynamic mix of talents – continuing a passion for music performance for some, and introducing WGI to others.”

WGI’s newest presenting sponsor, System Blue, is the “Powering Partner” of WGI Solo & Ensemble.  “We are proud to partner in this unique addition to the indoor marching arts, and look forward to seeing it develop into the future,” said David Gibbs, System Blue President.

Dates and locations for these new competitions will be announced throughout the 2019 winter season. Visit to learn more about the competing categories of WGI Solo & Ensemble, and sign up to receive updates as more information is announced.

Have questions? Send us an email at!

The Connecticut Hurricanes Join System Blue

The Connecticut Hurricanes

System Blue is proud to announce the addition of The Connecticut Hurricanes to the DCA roster of artists.

The Connecticut Hurricanes Drum & Bugle Corps is an All-Age Drum Corps performance organization based in Seymour, CT. The Corps prides itself in being the only World Class All-Age Drum Corps in New England, and draws its members from throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, as well as New York State and the New York City metro area.

Founded in Derby, Connecticut in 1932 as the John H. Collins American Legion Post Fife Drum & Bugle Corps, the Hurricanes transformed to the competitive arena in 1955 as a drum & bugle corps and became a charter member of Drum Corps Associates (DCA) in 1963. They are the oldest, continually active organization in the DCA.

System Blue is backed by over 100 years of experience and knowledge and proudly delivers the products and education we’ve only dared to dream of. The team of designers have walked the very path you walk now. They  are the same dedicated performers and educators that you are. System Blue offers a full line of Marching Brass, Percussion and Concert Percussion instruments.

RCC Indoor Percussion – 2018 WGI World Champions

Congratulations to RCC Indoor Percussion for winning the gold medal and becoming the 2018 WGI World Champions. RCC’s show, LISTEN, explored the progress of life, love and art, through the poignant poetry of Charlie Schmidt.

RCC performs on System Blue Professional Marching Battery, tuned percussion, drum set, concert toms, and concert bass drums. They won the World Championship with a score of 97.863.