Three Aspects Of Your Leadership Effectiveness


Student Leadership Tips from System Blue

 Three Aspects Of Your Leadership Effectiveness

Most of us would agree that a good leader inspires and helps bring out the best in others. But how does a leader do this? What is it that makes a leader effective?

Truly effective leaders in music possess at least three common attributes. They are strong performers; they are humble followers; they are capable teachers.

The Leader as a Strong Performer

The example you set as a musician and as a student of your instrument is the foundation of your leadership effectiveness. Skill on your instrument and as a marcher enhances your credibility as a leader among your peers. Skill is something that cannot be taken away by someone else, however it can go away by neglect. You will have to work every day to become a better musician and performer; someone worthy of the respect of other strong performers. You can’t lead unless you are going somewhere, so always look for ways to improve.

The Leader as a Humble Follower

Humility is a quality that actually empowers your authority. When you defer to the actions and judgment of adults and other leaders, especially when you disagree, you model the respect you want from others. Sometimes the motives of others may not be clear to you immediately, just as yours may not be clear to them. You will have to work every day to become a more humble, patient, and empathetic follower; someone who relentlessly and consistently demonstrates his loyalty through his respect for others.

The Leader as a Capable Teacher

Success is synonymous with accomplishment. You create success for others by helping them develop their skills and confidence, and by modeling the skills of a strong performer and the respect of a humble follower. You will have to work every day to become a better teacher so that others can learn from you and realize their own potential for success.

Keep in mind that no article, lecture, class, workshop, camp, or book will “make” you a great leader. When it comes down to the reality of getting the job done, you’ll need more than just words and ideas—you’ll need skills, step-by-step procedures, contingency plans, and you’ll need to have all of this organized in a way that makes sense to you. You’ll need practical solutions to problems you encounter and you’ll need strategies for building on your accomplishments.

System Blue Leadership focuses on these very things. We begin by raising your self-awareness of these qualities and then we work to empower you to become a stronger performer, a more humble follower, and a more capable teacher. System Blue Leadership helps you become more the leader you want to be.