System Blue At PASIC 2018

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PASIC 2018
We are excited to attend PASIC 2019 on November 14 – 17 in Indianapolis, IN. If you are attending the show, please stop by and see us at booth 1501. We would love to show you around and allow you to test drive all the instruments. Scott Johnson and the System Blue staff will be in the booth to greet you, drum with you, and answer any questions you might have.

Make sure to attend the PASIC clinic/performance on Thursday, November 15 at 2PM in Room 105. The performance is entitled: 12 World Champion Hands, 60 years of Championship Snare Solos, and the People Who Played Them. The clinic features Blue Devils Alumni Scott Johnson and Casey Brohard, as well as current member Brandon Olander.

We look forward to seeing you in Indy.

System Blue Education – The Impact

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Hi, my name is Trenton Kozel and I am a senior and drum major at my high school. I just wanted to email you to let you know that you and everyone at System Blue have forever changed my band for the better.

I attend a small school of only 650 students called Orcutt Academy High School. My freshmen year, the band there only had around 10 people and we didn’t even have a director the first week. We had to practice each morning during zero period from 6:50 to 7:50 and share our classroom with regular-ed teacher. The next year, we had 14 and got to practice during first period, but we were in an old storage closet. The following year, we grew to 19 and finally had an actually room which we only shared with the neighboring junior high band. Overall, we have been struggling a long time- but growing and improving nonetheless.

The summer before this year, my director told me that we were going to have around 27 students and that we could finally bear to sacrifice a member of the ensemble for a drum major. I had always been a sort of unofficial drum major and leader in our band, but I was one of only two trumpets which are pretty crucial to the melody of most of the pop tunes we played. I was excited, but I didn’t know how much we could change and improve until I went to System Blue.

That summer, my director convinced me to go to the System Blue Leadership Camp at Grand Terrace. Honestly, at the time, I was pretty bummed out. I didn’t know what to expect, it was in one of the first weeks of summer, and it was almost a four hour drive from our city. To my surprise, however, it was extremely worth it. At System Blue, you, Ben, Kyle, and Kristen gave me the knowledge and know-how to make my band better than ever.

This year, my band has cleaner rehearsals, section leaders, a drum major, and more respect in everything we do. On top of that, we had the first ever band camp in our school’s history, and this Friday, at our football game, we are marching drill for the first time in our school’s history. In the words of my school principal, parents, and community: we are a real high school marching band. We have improved a lot, but we are not stopping here and we hope to try to put on a show and compete next season! Thank you for teaching me how to be an effective leader and giving me the motivation do something with that knowledge. Because of System Blue and this year in band so far, I want continue music my entire life and even be a band director!

All in all, I want to thank you guys because you deserve it. I, along with my director and my band, extend an enormous thank you to you, the Blue Devils, and everyone who puts on System Blue for helping me help my band. Seriously, thank you. You guys put on an amazing camp that changes lives. Needless to say, I promote it with all my heart and my band will continue to send people to learn as I did.

P.S. Sorry this is so long and if you could share or forward this to Ben, Kyle, and Kristen that would be great!


Trenton Kozel

Kidsgrove Scouts Perform on System Blue Professional Marching Percussion

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Kidsgrove Scouts and System Blue partnership continues with the addition of System Blue Professional Marching Percussion to the DCE ensemble. KGS will be debut the new drums at the DCUK : Drum Corps United Kingdom show in Telford on the 9th September.

System Blue Professional Marching Percussion is used by some of the world’s elite marching ensembles including the 18-time Drum Corps International Champion Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps, 6-time WGI Champion RCC Indoor Percussion and the world renowned Top Secret Drum Corps.

“We are thrilled to strengthen our relationship with the Kidsgrove Scouts”, remarks System Blue President, Todd Tanji. “The addition of marching percussion will complement the marching brass they have been using for the past several years. Kidsgrove Scouts are an important part of our System Blue family and we look forward to even more exciting performances from their world class organisation.”

KGS Executive Director, Rob Swindells, commented “Over the last three years we have seen this partnership flourish into something beyond what we imagined. This year the corps is looking very strong and System Blue has played their part through world class equipment and education.”

Together, this is our time.

The Blue Devils Perform On System Blue

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Did you know that The Blue Devils are the first ensemble to perform on all System Blue instruments? The 2018 DCI Silver Medalists proudly perform on System Blue Professional Brass, Professional Marching Percussion as well as Professional Concert Percussion. Congratulations Blue Devils on an incredible 2018 DCI season!

System Blue Test Drive Tour – Step Into The Demo Zone

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System Blue is excited to announce our 2018 Test Drive Tour. Get hands-on experience with our marching brass and battery, as well as our brand new concert percussion series.

The System Blue Test Drive Tour follows the 2017 DCI World Champion Blue Devils across the country this summer. Check out our gear and spend some time with our designers and staff as the corps takes the field.

Experience the System Blue difference for yourself.

Find a tour date near you and RSVP for a personal appointment →

System Blue Welcomes Showband Irene to the Family

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 27, 2018 ( – It is with great excitement that System Blue welcomes Showband Irene from The Netherlands to the family. The corps will perform on all System Blue Professional Marching Percussion as well as System Blue Professional Brass.

Showband Irene was founded in 1949 and has existed for nearly 70 years. The organization has various performing groups such as Showband, Youth Showband, Iren3, and The Musickids bringing the total members to 130. The board and the members of Irene are very excited and proud to be a part of the System Blue family. Showband Irene is one of the most successful and renowned marching organizations in The Netherlands. Their impressive and unique sound and marching skills leave an impact on audiences young and old.

“We are thrilled to add Showband Irene to the System Blue family. We are excited to support another top European marching ensemble. We look forward to working with Showband Irene as they achieve new levels of excellence and entertainment.” TODD TANJI PRESIDENT, SYSTEM BLUE

The ensemble will perform on System Blue Professional Snares, Tenors, Basses, Sousaphones, Hybrid Euphoniums, Baritones, Trombones, Mellophones, and Trumpets.


RCC Indoor Percussion – 2018 WGI World Champions

Congratulations to RCC Indoor Percussion for winning the gold medal and becoming the 2018 WGI World Champions. RCC’s show, LISTEN, explored the progress of life, love and art, through the poignant poetry of Charlie Schmidt.

RCC performs on System Blue Professional Marching Battery, tuned percussion, drum set, concert toms, and concert bass drums. They won the World Championship with a score of 97.863.

System Blue Educational Event Featuring RCC Indoor Percussion

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The System Blue Educational Event featuring RCC Indoor Percussion is coming up on March 18.

This clinic for marching percussion students, instructors, and directors will provide a unique insight into the organizational and educational methods of the 5-time WGI World Championship ensemble. The students will have the opportunity to work with the RCC staff on developing music and visual techniques that are unique to RCC and the indoor activity. There will also be a separate track for directors and instructors to discuss design, rehearsal, and organizational strategies for running a successful indoor program.

Register now.