Designed and tested in partnership with the DCI World Champion Blue Devils, the King System Blue brass line provides a matched concert voice with clean, articulated projection. Utilizing innovative designs with unique and distinctive styling, King System Blue is marching brass, evolved.

These brass instruments set the standard for the industry today. With the unique and contemporary look of the valve section, receiver and top/bottom valve caps King System Blue Marching Brass will give you an unmatched look, feel and performance as witnessed by the Blue Devils' record-breaking 15 DCI World Class Championship titles and 23 High Brass awards.

Available in lacquer or silver finish with stackable King marching brass cases, System Blue mouthpieces, valve oil, slide grease, warranty card, and instrument care instructions.

Performance tested by the 15x DCI World Champion Blue Devils

  • SB10 King System Blue Trumpet

    A Bb trumpet for any player, the SB10 has a medium-large bore (.459"), SB1 mouthpipe and 5" yellow brass, soldered bead-wire bell that provide a symphonic sound that will sing in the concert hall as well as on the marching field. With superior Z-braced durability and outstanding quality of articulation and sound at all dynamic levels, the System Blue SB10 is the trumpet for all your needs.

  • SB12 King System Blue Trumpet

    The SB12 is a Bb trumpet for advanced players with a large bore (.464"), SB2 mouthpipe and 5" yellow brass, soldered bead-wire bell that allow for fast attacks and crisp articulations at all dynamic levels as well as a full projected sound over the entire spectrum of the instrument. Great for lead players in any ensemble: jazz, concert, and marching. With superior Z-braced durability, the System Blue SB12 trumpet is at home wherever you are.

  • SB20 King System Blue Mellophone

    Pitched in the key of F with a .468" bore, 10" yellow brass bell and nickel plated nickel silver pistons, the SB20 produces a strong and clear mid-voice that both blends with the ensemble and provides a timbre of its own. Open in the mid-to-low range and brilliant in the upper register, the System Blue SB20 Mellophone bridges the gap in the brass choir like no other.

  • SB30 King System Blue Euphonium Hybrid

    A marching Bb euphonium with many characteristics of a marching baritone, specifically size and weight. The SB30 has the rich, warm sound of a euphonium in the mid-to-low register while also creating the intense responsive sound of a baritone in the mid-to-high register. With it's .562" bore and 11" yellow brass bell, the SB30 euphonium HYBRID is a cutting edge ergonomically designed instrument that gives performers the size, balance and comfort needed to meet the extreme visual demands of today’s premiere marching ensembles.

  • SB50 King System Blue 4-Valve Marching Tuba

    This wonderfully rich sounding 4 valve tuba has a .734" bore, 20" yellow brass bell and custom wrap for perfect weight distribution. The SB50 tuba has been specifically designed ergonomically and musically for the fast pace and playing of today's marching ensembles. This marching tuba not only plays with a powerful, clean and articulate sound that projects well in all venues, but also has heavy duty bracing to withstand the rigors of the performance field and parade route.

  • Trumpet SB10
  • Trumpet SB12
  • Mellophone
  • Euphonium Hybrid
  • Tuba