Virtual Event FAQ

What do I need to watch the Zoom meeting?
The best environment to use would be a laptop with headphones (wireless headphones will make it easier to move without being tethered). A wired connection to your router would give the best quality, but that’s not always possible. For those who will be outside, make sure your wifi signal is strong or connect to cellular data. A mobile device will work, as well. More information on getting started with Zoom.
Should I test my connection in advance?
You should test your Zoom connection in advance. You can join a test meeting at
Will I be seen or heard?
You do not have to show your video, and you will be muted when you enter the meeting. During Q&A, we may unmute you so you can ask your question. Otherwise, you do not have to be on video or audio.
Are there any age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions as these workshops are good for performers, instructors, and directors alike.
Will I receive one-on-one instruction?
Unlike our in-person events, we will not have the time or the ability to give one-on-one instruction to most of the participants. You will be learning mostly from listening to the information provided to try on your own. Though an instructor may be able to view and make comments.
Do I need my instrument or guard equipment?
  • Battery percussionists should have sticks and a drum pad at least. Otherwise, a drum would work as well.
  • Front ensemble percussionists do not need to have an instrument but should have sticks/mallets.
  • For color guard participants, equipment is not required but preferred to try the techniques discussed on your own during the sessions.
  • Leadership participants will not use instruments/equipment except for one session. For those in the leadership track who are:
    • Percussionists will have a technique session on snare, tenor, or bass, so you will need sticks and a pad or drum.
    • Color guard will have a moment session; no equipment necessary.
    • Winds will have a musicianship session that will not include instruments as it will just be a discussion.
Would it be beneficial to attend the other workshops as well?
That is entirely up to you, but it could be helpful to make sure you’re able to learn as much as possible.
What should I wear?
While this is an online workshop, we will be demonstrating and showing concepts that, if you are going to be trying at home, would be best and easiest if done in attire suited for movement, including proper footwear.
Other items for health and safety?
  • You should ALWAYS stay adequately hydrated, even when sitting in front of your computer desk. Therefore, have your water jug or water bottle handy. We will have breaks where you’ll be able to get refills.
  • If you’re going to be outside, please remember to use your sunscreen, even on a cloudy day.

Refund Policy

For virtual workshops, refunds can be requested up to 48 hours before the event starts. The participant must ensure they have proper bandwidth and connectivity to attend the virtual event. System Blue is not responsible for any technical difficulties a participant may have while trying to connect to the event, and no refunds will be made. If the technical difficulties originate from System Blue that affects the entire event, we will reschedule the event and/or issue refunds.

Thank you for understanding.