System Blue Director of Education Visits South Africa

System Blue sent Frank to South Africa to collaborate with the students and faculty of the Field Band Foundation and the Field Band Academy. All are working to design the curriculum for the upcoming Academy workshop to be held in late November and early December of 2015 which is sponsored by System Blue, as well as projects and events to take place well into the future. But the most rewarding aspect of Frank's visit is the opportunity to work directly with the Academy's students on developing their musical skills and teaching methods.

"It's absolutely life-changing, in the most literal sense, to see the impact music has on these kids' lives," Frank observed after attending rehearsals in Alexandra, a township near Johannesburg, and in Oakford, home to the Academy.

The Field Band Foundation exists to teach life skills through music and performance to thousands of children and young adults in South Africa. The Academy was established in 2012 to provide formal training in musicianship, leadership, and life skills to representatives of the 48 bands from around the country. System Blue has been significant force in providing educational and financial resourses in support of the Academy and its students. To see for yourself what the Field Band Foundation is all about, visit