System Blue In Play

The launch and introduction of System Blue products into the music marketplace has been exciting for all of us. Each trade show has brought an influx of educators, program leaders, music retailers, students, and professionals who have all given the new, innovative lines glowing reviews. While all of this is rewarding, the real proof is when System Blue enters the performance arena.

Our endorsees, Kidsgrove Scouts, from the UK have already hit the field with their full line of Professional System Blue Brass instruments. When asked "How are the new horns?" KG responded, "Beautiful, it's a system of excellence! Make sure to come and hear us play them at a show." Kidsgrove used their new System Blue instruments in their January camp, and they are all raving about the horns and their experience with them.

Our Atlanta-based endorsees, Atlanta CV, are also up and running with their new Professional Brass instruments. The horns made their debut this past weekend at their camp. It was great to see all the performers wearing their System Blue t-shirts and playing on the horns. The corps remarked, "It's like Christmas in February."

Future endorsees that are receiving their new horns soon are Minnesota Brass and the Long Island Sunrisers. We look forward to sharing their System Blue experience with you.

Together, it's our turn.