System Blue Partners With MAY Carriers/Airlift SH

We are excited to announce that System Blue has partnered with Randall May International, the market leader in Carrier/Stand innovations. MAY Carriers and Airlift Stadium Hardware(R) are now offered with both our Professional and Traditional marching drums. "System Blue is on the cutting edge of materials to reduce weight, which parallels with our mantra of perpetual innovation enhancing Comfort, Health, Wellness, and Fit for both genders. Elevating the overall marching experience for all performers is an intrinsic theme for both companies; with this in mind, this partnership is a symbiotic fit for us," says Randy May, designer and president of Randall May International, Inc.

The Blue Devils are the first corps to perform on the new System Blue Natal carbon fiber drums, and they are excited to use the MAY Carriers as well. "We trust and know the quality of the MAY Carriers." Says Scott Johnson, Percussion Caption Head for the Blue Devils. "They will be a great addition to our System Blue Natal drums, and we look forward to the lightweight, ergonomic fit and feel of the carriers."

The Blue Devils will debut MAY Aluminum Tubular J-rod Carriers (awaiting the arrival of the new MAY Posto ABS-Auto Release Carriers) with the drums when they take the field in San Antonio, TX for the Southwest DCI Championship. RCC Indoor Percussion and Blue Devils B will use the MAY carriers as well.

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