Azulo Announcement

Azulo was formed to provide world-class musical instruments to the world. We are very proud of the quality, innovation, and excellence we created in our products that helped all of our customers.

However, it is time that Azulo, Inc. ceases manufacturing instruments and close our doors. This was not an easy decision but one that we were forced to make with the current crisis and economic downturn.

BD Performing Arts provided Azulo with a licensing agreement to use System Blue’s trademark and access to their patents to these innovative products. Even though Azulo is ceasing operations, BDPA will continue developing premium products through its existing and extensive licensing agreements with partners for products, services, and education.

We would like to thank our clients for their loyalty and support to our company. It has been a pleasure to provide them with world-class products and services over the last 5 years.

We will contact all the customers that currently have orders in for production with updated timelines. We are dedicated and committed to providing a positive solution for warranties and service for all our current products in the market and will be in touch in the coming weeks with that solution.

Thank you and please stay healthy.