System Blue Concert Percussion has been crafted by experts to achieve the finest sound, greatest durability, and sharpest look in the marching world. From our marimba and xylophone, tour polished aluminum vibraphone and steel pedal glockenspiel, System Blue Professional Concert Percussion provides unmatched resonance, projection, and tone. Our concert bass drums, toms, and snare drum are crafted from the finest birch, creating the perfect tone to enhance any front ensemble.

Whether you are on the marching field, gym floor, or concert stage, System Blue Professional Concert Percussion is the right choice.


This series includes world-class marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, pedal glockenspiel, concert bells. All the instruments have a sleek, matched look and balanced sound allowing your program to perform at its very best.

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Designed by champions and played by champions, this series includes concert bass drums, concert toms, a concert snare drum, drum set and hardware.

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"System Blue’s front ensemble equipment is a quintessential piece of the continued success of the Blue Devils and RCC. Resonant, durable, and easily transportable, the keyboard instruments most definitely live up to System Blue’s distinguished reputation.

— Nick Soden, Front Ensemble Section Leader
Blue Devils and RCC Indoor Percussion