Evans System Blue tenor heads feature a 2-ply design with 7mil top-ply and 7.5mil bottom. This combination delivers tonal clarity and projection while also increasing durability and pitch stability, reducing the need for frequent tuning. The series also utilizes Evans' unique Sound Shaping Technology™, a damping technique that targets unwanted overtones and provides the control needed to enhance attack, projection, and note definition. The damping pattern on each head also provides a visual reference for the optimal 'playing zone' for each drum, offering a target for less experienced lines.

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Offworld Percussion has joined forces with System Blue and legendary marching percussion guru Scott Johnson to create this unique and cutting edge device.

  • Augmented with a slick silver/black authentic Carbon Fiber Oval (CFO) at 12 o'clock position, designed for enhanced volume and articulation
  • Featuring Offworld's Patented 360˚ stick-saving RIM element, finished in the Blue Devils' signature Cobalt Blue
  • Featuring our trademark Darkmatter playing surface, presenting a revolutionary drum-like feel and articulation you have to experience to believe
  • Featuring a modified V3 Matrix encircled by a sleek silver racing stripe, and a distinctive wedge logo badge
  • Non-slip neoprene base

A 2oz. sample of Armor All Super Protectant Cleaner/Surface Enhancer is included free of charge with each unit.

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