MAY AIRlift Stadium Hardware

Introducing Modular AIRlift Stadium Hardware: All the technology of AIRlift Stadium Hardware, with half the footprint and twice the versatility.

Modular AIRlift Stadium Hardware is the first and only instrument suspension system designed to encourage proper playing technique regardless if in the bleachers or on playing field yet light and compact enough to transport and travel no matter the venue.

Utilizing Stadium Hardware's patented tripod system, Modular AIRlift Stadium Hardware now features a one touch monolithic nose leg collar, making elevation adjustments and angles a breeze. Newly designed ergonomic wing bolts provide greater torque values with less effort and tubular leg braces have been added for further strength and rigidity ensuring dynamic support of the drum. Patented AIRlift technology allows for extreme ease and exact precision in height adjustment, literally elevating your drum line to a higher level of sound and visual performance. The ultralight aircraft aluminum body easily goes from bleacher to field to transport without compromising strength, adjustability, or durability. This translates to less wear and tear, superior strength and performance, and ultimate mobility and adaptability.

The NEW patented modular design allows for easy and quick separation, resulting in compact transport, storage and versatility. A custom carry-on bag with ID pocket is included and allows for additional and individual protection of each AIRlift SH stand. The modular design also allows for unique stand conversion with the optional Taiko attachment* that repositions the bass drum in the Taiko playing style. There is nothing else like it.

All MAY carries and/or mounting hardware are covered under various patents but not limited to: 6,323,407 6,172,290 6,403,869 7,071,401 RE-42487 7,673,776 7,166,790, 7,420,110 7,326,842 7,810,684 7,394,008 8,053,655 8,646,666 8,598,443 with multiple patents pending.
All MAY Stadium Hardware™ stands and MAY Airlift™ are covered under various patents but not limited to 7,703,725 7,588,228 7,438,266 7,718,878 8,633,365 with multiple patents pending.